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Testimonial 1

I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful idea!

A couple of years ago my young daughter attended A&E at St Mary's Hospital on the Isle of Wight with a head injury, she was in quite a lot of pain and distress and was frightened, as it was her first experience of hospital. She was presented with one of your teddy bears for being brave and this brightened her up considerably! Her bear (she called him Lucky) was treated in just the same was as she was, his head was cleaned with cotton wool and he also had a special plaster to make him better. The distraction made my daughters treatment so much easier and she has loved this bear ever since...he is still the one she takes to bed and has cuddled every night since she got him. Lucky has been on family holidays with us and been through the washing machine a few times (so although he might not look quite so smart as before, he has had a great time!).

Last night my 4 year old son had his first visit to A&E after a fall, imagine how pleased he was to receive Lucky's twin brother who he has called Mr Pickles. Mr Pickles had a busy night and had some X-rays but is now feeling much better and has come home with my little boy. He will be going to nursery school today to tell my son's friends about his adventure at St Mary's and will be as well loved as his twin brother Lucky!

Thank you SO much for this fantastic gift, the timing of which completely alters the traumatic experience for the child and gives comfort and a welcome distraction during what is otherwise a frightening time for a young child.

Testimonial 2

My 2 year old son was given a lovely green teddy bear on Monday after struggling to breathe and needing a nebuliser for treatment in Pontefract Hospital A&E. The teddy is now known as ‘Green’ and is much loved, and was a lovely surprise which really cheered him up. It was most unexpected, and is much appreciated. Marcus is very proud of his bear now and restored a smile on a difficult day.

Thank you so much again for your generosity with such a fabulous surprise.

Testimonial 3

I’d just like to say thank you for the wonderful gift of a teddy to my 2 year old daughter.

She attended A&E this weekend with breathing difficulties, and was given one of your teddies. I can’t tell you how much it helped to keep her calm during the medication, treatment and X-ray to have her ‘hospital teddy’ alongside her. This was just so helpful to us as the most important thing for us was keeping her calm, and not distressed, as this would have aggravated her breathing difficulty.

Her teddy also helped when we returned home, encouraging her to take her medicines and giving her a friendly cuddle and words of encouragement.

What a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for helping us through a very stressful weekend.

Warmest regards,

Testimonial 4

See pic of one of my girls, Phoenix, with a TLC. She went in for a major op yesterday. She has cerebral palsy and has been plaster-casted from the waist down to her ankles. Being given the teddy was the only thing that raised a smile.


Testimonial 5

Would just like to say thank you and what a lovely idea of providing teddies for little ones in distress. Unfortunately my son crushed his finger in a door on Saturday and I took him to the minor injury hospital in Clevedon where he was given one of your bears to comfort him which he welcomed wholeheartedly and although it didn't take the pain or shock away it certainly helped. The bear has now joined the upper hierarchy of his cuddly toys and has not left his side since, thank you once again.


Testimonial 6

Good morning
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the bears that you provide. My 3 year old daughter had to visit the Day Surgery clinic at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge yesterday to have a bead removed from her ear. She was so brave because she had to have a general anaesthetic but didn't make any fuss as this was given.

She did get a little disorientated when it came time to go home though and one of the nurses kindly gave her one of your teddies which helped no end and it has been cuddled ever since! I attach a picture of her

Testimonial 7

……When my 4 year old son broke his arm (very badly), he was given a yellow TLC Teddy to keep him company during his time in hospital. On any follow up appointments he would insist on that particular bear accompanying him, so I am very aware of the soothing effect this little act can bring

Testimonial 8

Hello, My 3 year old son recently had a accident that involved him partially amputating the tip of his finger, on arrival to Calderdale Royal hospital in Halifax, he was given a TLC Teddy by one of the staff nurses.

Can I just say a heartfelt thank you for such a nice and thoughtful gift that your organisation provide. My son recovered well after his operation, but absolutely adores his "brave bear" as what he calls it.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you from both myself and my son Jacob, and I would be very grateful if you could send me some information about Regular donations to your Organisation, as a thank-you and to be able to help other children in the same way you helped my son when he needed some distraction and something to comfort him.

Once again, I’m truly amazed and overcome at how kind and thoughtful your organisation is, and wish you every success and thoughts for the future. And I’m sure I can speak for every child and parent that has received one of your teddy's.

Testimonial 9

My 3 year old daughter was the grateful recipient of one of your lovely bears from Macclesfield hospital on Thursday. She fell from a climbing frame at the local park and had to be transferred to hospital by Ambulance and was by all accounts very distressed. I was lucky in that I missed the excitement but got to her as soon as possible. Your bear comforted her and when I eventually got to Macclesfield A+E she was a much happier child. But then tragedy Clara Bear was left at hospital!!! I’m sure she has found a lovely new home with another distressed child but I was wondering do you have any of these beautiful (light pink bodied) bears to purchase? In A+E my daughter was very keen that we should get a photo of Clara bear and I have attached to show you, (my daughter Bridie doesn’t look very happy but who would after falling 8 foot onto your face from the top of the monkey bars) but she is much better now and will have no permanent damage, she does however wonder where Clara Bear is......

Many thanks
(Bear replaced!!)

Testimonial 10

Hi We ended up in A&E on Friday evening with our four year old, who had gashed his head on a wall. One of the nurses brought out a teddy with a big plaster on his head for our son to look after. 'Sunny' as he is now called, hasn't left Aran's side since and helped calm him down immensely. We are very grateful for such a small, yet significant idea and would like to make a small donation to your appeal.

Testimonial 11

Our daughter fell and badly bruised her forehead yesterday, so we rushed her to A&E at Northampton General. We were very well looked after there and our daughter pronounced fit enough to go home, with only bruising and an oncoming black eye.

We were very touched when the doctor asked her if she would like a teddy bear. Of course the answer was yes!. The bear was soon named Doctor Lucky (as in lucky escape) and is part of the family now.

We'd just like to say what a wonderful idea this is and thanks to you for conceiving it. Very good also for the image of freemasonry (incidentally my grandfather was one, and so was my partner’s father)
Thanks again,

Testimonial 12

Hi my name is Helen and I am emailing on behalf of my daughter Eve who is 5 years old. Eve was in the John Radcliffe hospital Oxford in June this year after an accident at school. She needed an operation involving plastic surgery to repair her ear. She was very brave and was given a pink teddy donated by your appeal and the freemasons. This teddy is very much loved and called Tinkerbelle. Sadly Tinkerbelle is so loved she is rather the worse for wear already. Is there any way of making a donation to the appeal in return for another pink bear? Please help! thank you, Helen.

Oh Ian, teddy has arrived and is called Lilabelle twin sister to Tinkerbelle you have made my beautiful girl very happy thank you so much
Helen xx

Testimonial 13

Dear sirs,
Thank you for the cuddly teddies you have given to Mayday University Hospital A & E unit. My daughter was admitted two weeks ago and the staff gave her the teddy and she was overwhelmed. Having looked at the label on the teddy and been through your website got your email address. I would like to support your charity for this Christmas

Please accept this small gift as a token of our appreciation for the happiness our little Lucy had from her Purple TLC Teddy she received at Northampton A&E when she had an adventure with hot tea. Having had many trips to A&E this year with suspected Gall Stones I know how daunting it can be for an adult, let alone a 2 year old girl. Thanks for being there
Mum, Dad, Big brother Dylan and Lucy

Testimonial 14

We have recently visited an A&E Department with our little boy who was kindly given a teddy bear, it has been much loved and has started to look very old and worn. We are of course not going to part with it but would like a spare just in case! We were wondering if we could possibly purchase a Red bear from you????

Bear Replaced!

Testimonial 15

We were travelling from Cambridge to Derby along the A 14 at 8 pm when my 2 year old had a febrile convulsion. By the time the paramedic had reached us she was calm again but needed checking over so we were taken to Kettering Hospital. When she received the teddy her face lit up and she gave him a big hug. He made the four hours in A&E go much quicker for her. He has remained her favourite teddy ever since and she says the doctors gave him to her.
It’s a fantastic idea, I saw first hand the benefits of the teddies and that is why I want to make a donation.
Many, many thanks for the TLC appeal.

Testimonial 16

Unfortunately my 3 year old daughter was rushed into Southampton hospital on Friday after hitting her face on a coffee table in the process of falling she also hurt her arm.
Whilst in the Paediatric unit I noticed the TLC teddies in the corner, the nurse gave one to Molly who was absolutely delighted and helped calm her down and let the various tests be done.
I asked the nurse about them who then gushed with enthusiasm about the benefits of these teddies donated by local freemasons.
After 18 years in masonry and giving to many local charities this is my first "hands on experience" and would confirm what a fantastic benefit this really is.
Molly is thankfully fine apart from some nasty bruising and goes to bed with "teddy" every night.
Many thanks for this simple but ingenious idea.

Testimonial 17

On the 14th May my daughter had a little accident and she badly hurt her leg so I had to take a trip to our local hospital which is Southend-on Sea Accident and Emergency in Essex.
When we arrived Amie was in a lot of pain luckily we were seen straight away by the nurse.
The one thing that I feel helped Amie with this adventure and made it more of a pleasure than a hindrance was the teddy that your company have supplied to the hospital.
As soon as Amie had been given the little pink teddy it took her mind off what we were at the hospital for, which helped her be her happy little self again.
I just wanted to let you no that without this the experience could of been so different.
Amie has a new friend that seems to go every where she goes know and that is all thanks to your appeal.
Thank You

Testimonial 18

Dear staff,
My daughter ended up in hospital after an accident on holiday 4 years ago and after a stay got to take home one of your bears "primrose" she still loves the bear to death and has started collecting them from car boots etc, is there anyway I can buy some off you to add to her collection.
I think the bear really did ease what was a traumatic time for her, she now gives it to anyone who has to visit hospital to borrow or  for us to have if we are feeling unwell  so it has done the rounds!!
She has collected 4 bears so far and would love some of a different colour.
Thank you

Testimonial 19

Many thanks for the teddy that my daughter was given at Gravesend hospital yesterday. She had fallen down Nanny's stairs and was rather shaken and bruised (nothing serious luckily) however teddy or Bix as she is now known was a great distraction while she was being checked over...... Bix is now taken everywhere with us!
Thanks again

Testimonial 20

Thank you so much for this fantastic service. It made a distressing visit to A&E a lot easier for my very shy 2.5 year old. I can't explain the positive effect it had on him, and me. It is such a lovely idea. People who haven't had the misfortune to be in this sort of situation probably can't appreciate the value. But it makes such a difference to what can be a very traumatic experience. Adam stills carries the TLC teddy now we are home, in preference to his usual comforters. Thank you so much.

Testimonial 21

Dear Sir,

Just before my daughter's first birthday, in January 2007, she suffered a fall (in church, of all places) and a nasty bump just above her eye.  When we took her to A&E at Southend the staff were great with her, and she was given a pink TLC bear.  At the time she was delighted, and much more interested in cuddling the bear and stroking his ribbon than worrying about her injury.
Pink Teddy quickly became her favourite, and she would ask to be tucked up with him at night when she was put to bed, and also carry him around during the day.

We moved house about a year ago, and unfortunately, Pink Teddy appears not to have come with us.  We have been hoping that he would surface as the final boxes were unpacked, and at the moment Chloé is still awaiting his return, but he is nowhere to be found.

Is there any way that I could purchase a pink TLC bear to replace the lost one?  I normally wouldn't ask for such a favour as I know that dealing with it takes time which is freely given away from a very worthy cause, but I am moved by the way Chloé asks whether Pink Teddy has been found, night after night.

I would just like to add that I think that the TLC Appeal is excellent.  It's such a simple idea, and makes such a difference - Chloé's main memory of hospital now is that it's where Pink Teddy came from, rather than the bump that got her there.

Many thanks for your time, and keep up the good work.

Testimonial 22

My 18 month old daughter received one of these bears on her visit to Kidderminster A&E, after failing and cutting her hand open on glass. The teddy got a huge hug and has been carried round all day since.  
Such a brilliant idea that really helps! Thank you!

Testimonial 23

My little girl cut open her head today and was given one of your teddy's to cuddle when she felt scared, it made her smile and that means a lot.

She is six years old and never been to hospital before.

After she was stitched up and we were on the way home from Pinderfield's (Wakefield) she wanted to go back so someone else could have the teddy to make them smile

Once again thank you xx

Testimonial 24

“Just a quick note to thank everyone involved in this wonderful scheme.

My son was admitted for an emergency operation on Wednesday at the James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth, the teddy has been his constant companion since recovering from anaesthetic.

I have donated to this charity in the past but to see how much such a tonic getting the bear was to Sam has really brought home the message.

Please keep up the great work you are doing, it really is appreciated.”

Testimonial 25

I am writing this letter to you as I believe many of you will not understand the great impact a small teddy can have on children (and their parents) who find themselves in hospital.
Both of my young children have been fortunate enough to receive one of these teddies. My daughter received hers from Macclesfield Children’s ward, when she was only 6 months old and had to go to Alder Hey Children’s hospital for life saving open-heart surgery. Although Ruby was far too young to appreciate the gift of a teddy bear, I cannot begin to explain how seeing my baby girl in the enormous cot with all the machines around her was made more bearable with this teddy.
This teddy had been given to her by a stranger who cared enough to make that cot in the intensive care unit with a little baby girl, a little warmer and more like home rather than just another patient in a hospital bed.

My son received his when he was in Accident and Emergency and he was so distraught that the nurse could not get near him to bandage his finger. When she brought him a lilac teddy, she apologised for the colour. But Xander didn’t care all he saw was a nice lady giving him a present. He allowed the nurse to bandage his finger, went home, and showed everyone his new teddy. Both of my children’s teddies have pride of place in their beds. Thanks again for all that you have done for my family.

Testimonial 26

"My daughter was in the new Queens hospital in Romford over the weekend, and received a TLC teddy bear, which really worked and has even had breakfast with her this morning. A fantastic idea for children in distress, long may it carry on."

Testimonial 27

I feel that I need to write and thank the Freemasons for the teddy my son received.
On Saturday afternoon my son Mason 19 months old had a febrile convulsion due to an extremely high temperature and as you can imagine it was not only distressing for Mason, but me and Mason's dad too. We called 999 and on the way to Broomfield hospital one of the ambulance men gave Mason a teddy, and not only did it seem to comfort Mason but it took away some of my anxiety too as I was able to show Mason the teddy, the teddy's ears, eyes etc and it really distracted both of us. Mason was discharged later in the day with tonsillitis. But had to be rushed back in by ambulance at 3 am on the Sunday morning, the paediatric cubicle in A&E was occupied and of course we was in such a rush I forgot the teddy and Mason was quite distressed/bored in a normal cubicle, but a long came a security guard from A&E with yes you guessed "another teddy" this teddy was a different colour and Mason smiled the biggest smile when the guard gave it to him, and Mason kissed and cuddled the teddy for a long time and yet again distracted us all. Mason is back home now and seems to be getting better and he loves his teddy's. I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I think the teddy idea is wonderful and whoever thought of the idea needs to be knighted!!
Many thanks   Via E Mail


Testimonial 28

My daughter crushed her finger in her bedroom door. She fortunately   didn't break it but it did required stitches. To cheer her up the nurse at the Royal Berks was asked her to choose a bear. Sarah chose a bear with a yellow body (her favourite colour). This was instantly given the name of sunshine. Since then it has been her favourite bear and not many night go by without her being at her side. She has many bears and soft toys but this one is special.
She has written her Christmas list already but the only items on it are
A new yellow football
A Lego set
Some new caterpillars for her butterfly kit
And a friend for sunshine 
The last is going to be difficult because I assume she wants the same bear with a different colour body. 
The giving of bears is a great idea and it definitely cheered my daughter up.”

Testimonial 29

“Dear hospital when I was 6 I split my little  finger it  hurt a lot. Now I have a scar. A nice  nurse gave me  a yellow teddy called  Sunshine bear. But now my mummy has a broken leg. Thank you for my  teddy.”
 From Sarah and Sunshine

Testimonial 30

I am writing to say a very big thank you, for the teddy that was given to my daughter this week.
She was rushed into Stoke Mandeville on Saturday due to having a severe allergic reaction, that was totally unexpected and very shocking both to us and her.
She is 14 months and was given a yellow teddy to cuddle whilst given medication, she then proceeded to administer to teddy with the syringes!
My late father was a Mason and as soon as I read the teddy label, I felt comfort and his presence with me at a difficult time.
Thank you again for lightening a horrid situation and for lighting up my daughters face.

Testimonial 31

To All at the TLC Appeal -
I just wanted to send a belated but heartfelt thank you for the lovely TLC bear given to my 18 month old daughter on her recent visit to A&E department of the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow.
Erin had managed to cut her forehead open quite badly and, though she was being very brave, "Tumble Ted" as he's now been christened - in acknowledgement of how she sustained her injury - proved to be the perfect distraction and comfort, allowing nursing staff to clean her head properly before applying steri-strips and dressings. Your unexpected, and very kind, gesture made a real difference to us all.

Thank you to everyone involved in raising funds for the benefit of us and other families in a similar situation. 

Testimonial 32

 I just wanted to thank you so much for your TLC Appeal teddies.  My 4 year old son was admitted to West Wales General Hospital, Carmarthen (Ysbyty Cyffredinol Gorllewin Cymru, Caerfyrddin) as an emergency with  suspected meningitis. He was very frightened and ill and found the testsand medicines he had to have very  distressing and at times painful.
One of the nurses gave him a TLC teddy and holding onto and talking about the teddy definitely helped him to cope with our initial time in A&E.  He was then an in-patient for several days in the children's ward and the teddy stayed right next to him the whole time.
He was very happy when he found out he could take the teddy home with him (and we are also pleased to say that he is making a good recovery).
Please pass on my thanks to whichever local freemasons gave donations to fund this in Carmarthen.
Best wishes from a grateful parent!

Testimonial 33

I just wanted to write and say what a lovely idea the TLC Appeal is!

My 5 year old daughter fell at school this morning and had a very nasty cut right by her eye. I took her to Wimborne hospital minor injuries unit in Dorset where the nurses sorted her out and gave her one of your lovely teddies which really helped calm her down while the nurse sorted her cut!

I'd never heard of this scheme but think it's a really lovely thing to do! Certainly helped with my little girls first trip to hospital!

Keep up the good work!

Testimonial 34

Just to say a very big thank you to your organisation. My 5 year old son fell and hit his forehead on a pillar yesterday morning and had a terribly deep gash that was bleeding everywhere.

I rushed him to the West Suffolk Hospital A&E Department where he was attended to quickly
but also given a bear in his favourite colour, yellow. He really loved the bear and hugged it throughout a difficult and upsetting morning.
He's put a bandage on the bear's head and took it this morning to the nurse who checked his wound (which is doing fine).

I know that your organisation requires a lot of dedication, hard work and fund raising, but honestly, you're doing a wonderful job.
Thank you

Testimonial 35

Oscar is 19 months old and was taken to A&E with breathing problems.  Of course, he was given one of your wonderful bears, and will not put it down!  Thank you so much he loves it and it helped him cope with his visit to hospital!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Testimonial 36

My 2 year old daughter woke up struggling to breathe due to croup in the middle of the night last week & had to have a long ambulance ride to the nearest hospital  with an A&E (Ashford, William Harvey Hospital. Over 30 min's away). The ambulance men gave her one of your teddies which she played with while we waited to be seen. Thank you very much for donating them - it's a lovely thought.

Testimonial 37

Dear Sir / Madam,
Within a period of thirteen days my two year old son was twice rushed to the A&E Department at Airedale Hospital near Keighley. Both times we had to call 999 and were taken (in a very distressed state!) via an ambulance with sirens and flashing lights. On both occasions we arrived at the hospital with only the clothes we were wearing. On each visit my little boy stayed overnight on the children's ward and each time he was given one of your teddies. They were a lovely gift and he cuddled them lots whilst he was in the hospital and also back at home. The red and green teddies now sit on his bed at home and he still loves them.
Thank you - the teddies represent a kind thought at what is a very difficult time for both children and parents.
Kind regards
PS - we have told our son that whilst the teddies are great we don't want to go back for any more!

Testimonial 38

I have 2 twin boys age 3 (and 1 month) who are both under Consultants at North Hampshire hospital as one has a heart condition and the other breathing difficulties and both have been at the trauma unit several times and have been given one of these teddies each and have loved them and are their favourite teddies and carried everywhere by one.
Many thanks.

Testimonial 39

Thank you so much for the kind gift of a yellow teddy given to my daughter.  This teddy helped comfort my daughter when she was taken to A+E in Lincoln with a broken elbow.  Teddy (named Quaver), joined her with x-rays and even have a pot & sling to match hers!!!
My daughter was very reassured by having this new companion and I want you to know how valuable and appreciated your work is.  Thank you,

Testimonial 40

Just a quick note to let you know that I can now unfortunately confirm the value of the TLC Bears appeal that we support.

On Friday my 4 year old daughter Rachael fell and broke both bones in her forearm (tech stuff the radius and the ulna). She was taken to Southend hospital by ambulance, on arrival she was given one of the TLC Bears which she has not let out of her sight since.

Rachael had to go to the operating theatre to have her arm manipulated back into position, and now has her right arm in plaster from the armpit to wrist.

I cannot believe the attachment that she has placed in the little stuffed toy that she was given on arrival at the hospital, but if anyone has any doubts of the effectiveness or value of these little bears I will willingly speak to them, for in my opinion they are priceless.

Rachael is at home now and is as well as can be expected, the arm and cast is a conversation piece and has given her a certain cache amongst the local kids.

Rachael has named her bear 'SNAP' because she snapped her arm; this seemed to amuse the staff at the hospital. Another little girl was admitted after Rachael; again with a broken arm named her bear Crackle, Rachael had been discharged before another unfortunate child could inform us that theirs is named Pop.

Testimonial 41

I rushed him to the West Suffolk Hospital A&E Department where he was attended to quickly
but also given a bear in his favourite colour, yellow. He really loved the bear and hugged it throughout a difficult and upsetting morning.
He's put a bandage on the bear's head and took it this morning to the nurse who checked his wound (which is doing fine).

I know that your organisation requires a lot of dedication, hard work and fund raising, but honestly, you're doing a wonderful job.
Thank you


Testimonial 42

I was treated at the A&E dept in Huntingdon yesterday and I was lucky enough to receive one of you teddy-bears from the TLC campaign.
I'm 35 (don't laugh - ok, go on then) and I hate needles; in fact I'm a bit of a sissy when it comes to hospitals. I needed 3 stitches in my chin after a bad landing in my hang-glider and the bear I was presented with really helped me see the funny side of everything.
The bear, who we have named Dizzy (after the feeling I had after my bad landing) is about to become a gift for the new born child of some friends of ours when he or she arrives in a couple of weeks. In return for this, my wife and I would love to make a donation to your campaign. How might we do this? Please send us details.
In the meantime, I'd like to second all of the wonderful testimonials your campaign has generated and please feel free to slot my comment in there too if any are appropriate.
Best wishes

Testimonial 43

My son, who is 2, was taken into hospital with dehydration following a bad bout of sickness and diarrhoea. Whilst he was at our local hospital (Prince Phillip - Llanelli), he was given, not one, but two of your teddies. Thankfully he is now home and running around demolishing the place again! He kindly donated (! - with a little help from Mummy) one of his teddies to his 3 year old sister who likes to cuddle up with it at night.
My father in law (who sadly died in December 2006), was a member of the Masons, and it feels as though he (the bear) was there looking after Max whilst he was in hospital.
Thank you for setting up this appeal, from both our son and daughter who now have a very lovely bear to cuddle up to at night to remind them, and us, of their Grampy.
Many thanks

Testimonial 44

Dear Sir / Madam,
I had to rush my 5 year old Daughter to A&E at Basildon hospital after she tripped over at school and badly hurt her face.
My daughter is an extremely sensitive girl at the best of times with a great fear of doctors, blood and the unknown. From the incident onwards she was very traumatised by her bleeding face. I had to convince her we were just going to a doctors surgery beside the hospital to see a nurse to get her to co-operate. I had never been to the hospital before and on my own, having been caught off guard without my handbag, with my distressed daughter I was also quite shaky.
Fortunately when we saw the nurse, she offered my daughter one of your bears. I am writing to tell you what a difference that made. From then onwards things started to get better. My daughter started to relax and unwind bit by bit. She played with the teddy throughout the long wait at the hospital and has been with her bear ever since. We called the bear sunshine bear as it is one of the beautiful yellow ones and fits the song: ' You are my sunshine, my lovely sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey ...'
Finally i just also wanted to mention that the quality of the bear really counts too. After having been in the hospital for quite a while and dropped on the floor several times and in a puddle I wanted to wash the bear before she had it in bed. luckily he looks as good as new despite his early baptism.
I really , really want to thank you and the appeal for your help and kindness and let you know what a significant effect sunshine bear had on us: Please continue the good work.

Testimonial 45

Dear Sirs
 My 2 year old grandson [one of twins] was taken to Heaterwood A&E yesterday evening having slipped in the bath and cut his eye lid.  He had to have the split glued and was so  good that the nurse gave him one of your teddies for being such a brave boy.
 I was so impressed that I have looked at your website because my daughter and I would love to help with a donation to help you continue to provide these soft toys for little ones.  Could you please tell me how we can donate?
 Many thanks
 Kind regards

Testimonial 46

I'd just like to say thank you for the teddy my 4 year old daughter got at Hull  Hospital's A&E department on Christmas day! During the Christmas family visit my daughter bust her chin open on tiled floor whilst playing with her much loved cousins. We had to spend three hours late at night at the hospital waiting for her to be stitched up. The pink teddy she received was made her ever so happy and any pain much more bearable. She still loves the teddy, it is in fact one of her favourites and goes with her to most places. We named her Lou Lou.
So thank you again, it was a lovely surprise on the night and it really makes that Christmas very memorable, but for all the right reasons!

Testimonial 47

Hello there - I am contacting you as my 4 year old daughter was one of the very lucky children to be given a lovely lilac bear on Saturday when she broke her leg. She was so brave, and was thrilled with her lovely bear. She went to bed with her every night and she named her Daisy. Daisy was taken everywhere with Lucy and helped Lucy be brave. Today she has lost her. We only went to meet grandma for coffee and then went to Marks and Spencers so grandma could treat her to a dress to cheer her up, and we retraced our steps to no avail. My husband went back to the hospital (James Cook Middlesbrough) to see if they had another - they only had a pale blue one. Lucy has been very upset (and myself as well!) and I am desperate to trace another for her. Of course I am happy to pay over cost price for her, she really meant so much to us. I feel terrible as I was carrying Lucy down the stairs when I stumbled and that is how the injury happened. When I get upset with guilt, at her discomfort and anger that she cannot walk or move, Lucy keeps telling me she still loves me, but I am devastated that I caused her injury for which she got the lovely bear, then I take her out to try and let her have some fun during her Easter holidays, and I have just made the situation even worse.
My family lives in Rayleigh and we are coming to see them on Friday - are you able to help in any way - it would mean so much to us. I know it seems like we haven't taken care of Daisy enough, but we are back using a buggy with her leg in a cast up to her thigh and she had the bear nestled down her side, and she must have fallen out of a hole at the side of the buggy, that we are not used to using. I am so sorry for troubling you, and would be so happy if you had any at your head office.
I am more than happy to set up a regular donation on direct debit as I realise what a wonderful service you are doing.
Thank you
The Little girl had a replacement Teddy – “Daisy 2” – delivered by hand in time for her arrival in Essex 2 days later!!

Testimonial 48

Teddies for Loving Care:  A personal account by W Bro Shaun Rayner J.P. PPGStwd
It was 29th April 2001 and my twins James and Charlotte were being Christened and what a lovely family event, or so we thought.  Later in the afternoon James became poorly with ‘the snuffles’ and running a temperature. All evening and night we nursed him thinking he had a bad cold or flu and administering the Calpol in the normal way. In the morning there was no improvement and his symptoms worsened. We phoned NHS direct who were great and they said we should call an ambulance as they could hear James wheezing but as we lived near the hospital we said it would be quicker to take him ourselves.  They said ‘go as quick as possible and someone would meet us’ and true enough we were met by the triage nurse on arriving at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow.
The nurse could see that James was distressed and so were we so she came back with a lovely, sweet smelling cuddly bear.  TLC.  James got worse and a specialist team from Addenbrookes hospital came to assess him and to our horror they wanted to take him to their unit. James was so poorly he was placed on a life support machine to assist his breathing and the picture shows what condition we found our little boy in when we arrived at the intensive care unit. I was told that evening, when my wife Katrina had returned home to pick up James’ twin Charlotte, that it was 50/50 if he would survive and the next 24 hrs would be the critical time. Thankfully after 5 days in intensive care and another two on the ward we were discharged.  James had been diagnosed with chronic pneumonia, but why and how we would never know.  
To our absolute horror, Charlotte presented the same symptoms a week later and yet again we rushed to Harlow A & E. Again the nurses were great and Charlotte was given a TLC bear, although at this time we did not realise what they were.  Luckily we had caught the symptoms really early so she was treated before it got too bad.
Even to this day the twins cherish their TLC bears and have kept them as a symbol of this traumatic time. Recently our APGM Alan Clark came to visit our lodge and told us all of the new teddies that are available to purchase. It brought it all back to me and compelled me to write and say what a wonderful charity this is to support.  Please continue to donate all you can, and I can really say from experience that these bears go a long way to help the children in their time of need and comfort.
Finally I went down with the same complaint a couple of weeks later and was rushed to
A & E but unfortunately I never got given a bear. I shall just content myself by purchasing one of the new ones.

Testimonial 49

Dear TLC,
I wanted to thank you for the teddy you gave my daughter when she was in Winchester A & E.  She was involved in a car accident on the motorway, and suffered bruising and cuts to her face.  I was working in central London, and so it took me a while to get all the way down to her, but by the time I arrived she was cuddling a yellow teddy bear.
This was back in November when she was 12 months old, and it is only now when I saw the tag on the bear whilst changing the bed (where he lives now), that I became aware of your charity.  The bear was a great comfort to her at the time, and to me to know that she had something to console her while I was rushing to be by her side.
Thanks again,

Testimonial 50

We are also delighted to be involved with the Teddies for Loving Care Appeal. The teddies are an ideal way to help distract and calm children who have been involved in an incident and who are in need of emergency care."
General Manager for Essex Air Ambulance   

Testimonial 51

“It really is a big help in comforting young children who come in either sick or injured and maybe upset and crying. At the walk-in centre we have used them to help placate five youngsters already and the effect has been amazing. In most cases they’ve gone from tears to smiles in minutes.”
A Nurse at a NHS Walk in Centre


Testimonial 52

I have been working as a Play Specialist in the Paediatric Emergency Department for the past 4 years. My main responsibility is to supervise and deliver play and distraction therapy for the children within the department. I settle the children into the hospital environment by reassuring and relaxing them. As I’ll explain in a moment, the donation of the TLC teddies has made this task much easier.

For many children their visit to the Emergency Department is their first experience in a hospital setting and it is therefore vital to make it a positive one. The children who we treat can be very frightened and are sometimes extremely distressed. They must be able to convey their fears and worries in order for me to help alleviate and overcome these feelings. Communicating effectively with a distressed child can be a problem however and it’s therefore important to use play therapy techniques to converse on their wavelength.

Making things fun for the child is a priority and the TLC teddies play a huge part in this. Medical procedures such as the application of steri-strips or pots for example, are often demonstrated on the teddy first to prepare the child for their forthcoming treatment. It reduces their anxiety and encourages co-operation.

The teddies are also used as a reward for their behaviour and bravery. They act as a positive symbol for the hospital and leave a lasting impression in the child’s mind. Possessing a TLC teddy is a reminder to them that visiting the hospital isn’t so bad.

It is hard for me to explain the effect these wonderful teddies have within our department because the only way we can measure their success is by the change in the child’s emotions. It is no exaggeration to say that a child’s mood and overall perception of their treatment can be completely changed for the better by using the teddies and speaking personally, it truly is a pleasure to watch.

It’s amazing. Something that seems so trivial to us “grown-ups” can have such an impact on a youngster and this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of the Freemasons. I’d like to finish by thanking you on my behalf, and on behalf of the children who these teddies make such a difference to.

Thank you.

Laura Burton

Play Specialist

Hull Royal Infirmary


Testimonial 53

From Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth.
“As promised, some info about the bears. 
The children who receive a bear are usually under 9 yrs of age, as this is the age group we have found appreciates them most. Children may have a broken bone requiring surgery, or be unwell and require admission, or have received a burn.”
“A few examples: 
A 4 year old boy arrived, unwell and irritable through being unwell. Did not want to play or read books, simply wanted to sleep but couldn't find a comfortable position. Cuddling a teddy enabled him to relax and get comfortable enough to sleep. When he woke up he felt better. He was admitted to the children's ward for continued treatment and kept the bear as a reward for being brave through his treatment and to help him feel relaxed in the new environment.”
“A 3 year old girl who had broken her arm, the break required fixing under general anaesthetic. She was given a bear to cuddle at night and when she went to theatre prior to the anaesthetic. The bear was also given a plaster, enabling us to demonstrate what a plaster cast looked like.”

Testimonial 54

“They’ve been a great distraction for some children in helping to take away the trauma of coming into the department.”


“The kids think they’re great, give them names and in some cases bring them back if they have to return to hospital to get further treatment or a plaster cast removed. Staff really like them as well as it’s great to make a child smile!”

Testimonial 55

Just to keep you up to date with what is happening in Cyprus. We are now providing teddies in Paphos, Limassol,Paralimni,Larnaca and the Childrens Wards of Makarios Hospital in Nicosia. In the first week of November we celebrated five years of providing teddies into Paphos A & E Unit and the staff provided a cake to celebrate the occasion. The attached photograph was taken on that day.
Just prior to the celebration weekend I received a number of thank you letters ( in Greek) I have had them translated and I provide for your information two of them. The translation does identify the difficulty of obtaining the same words that we would use:
1.The institution of “ A teddy bear ,a smile” at Paphos Hospital Accident and Emergency Unit. closes five years of operation.With the great help of our friends and sponsors “ Freemasons of Cyprus” we have managed on a daily basis to provide happiness and laughter to our little patients which often come to us with pain drawn on their faces.
I want to thank from the depths of my heart the Freemasons which with their offer they give practical examples of humanity and kindness.
Dr, Marios Philippou
Note; Dr Marios is the Senior Doctor in the A & E
2. Every child receiving a teddy bear feels more comfortable in its own space
Dr.Neophyia Chrysathou
3. A teddy bear somehow eases the pain and agony of the small patient
Nurse Stavroula Constandinou


Testimonial 56

I just thought t would write with another tale of success that I recently had with one the wonderful TLC bears. Although tragic, this tale did offer little glimmer of hope given to one child and his parents all because of a friendly bear.
A few months ago with had a terrible shift where we lost a young 5-year-old boy. Although he had been poorly since birth due to his prematurity his sudden death was a great shock to his family and some of the staff who had cared for him in other emergency situations. The family were all around in the resuscitation room when the medical decision had to be made that there really wasn't anything else we could do and therefore let him drift off in the arms of his mother with both father and his twin sibling by there sides. Whilst the resuscitation attempts were being carried out one of the children's nurses put a TLC bear next to him and talking to the child, this has been proven to reduce both anxiety to the patients, their families and staff.
To cut a long story short, after the formalities that had to occur after an unexpected death it was time for the family to leave at which point his sibling brother became distraught, thus increasing the anxiety for his parents who were finding the situation hard enough. The same children's nurse took the brother back into the resuscitation room so he could kiss his brother goodbye (even at five years of age they can have closure) he picked up the bear and said that the bear would look after him now that mummy was upset and if he got scared he was to cuddle the bear. The nurse then thought to give the brother a bear too so he could take one home with him so when ever he wanted to say goodbye again to his brother he could say it to the bear as both bears were brother and would talk to each other and never be alone.
You can imagine how touched the parents were even by this tiny glimmer of hope to see their son starting to cope with the tragedy of loosing his sibling, The staff who were involved with this case also found some comfort as when they initially saw the brother so upset found it difficult to hide there grief and emotions but also had some positive closure to the event.
I would be most grateful if you could share this story with anyone who is involved with the TLC appeal and remind them it's not just a teddy bear it's so much more,

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